Friends & Community Partners We Support

What we do affects others. What you do affects others. We want to restore you to your ideal health and quality of life, so that you can in turn serve and help those around you. We believe in building into and positively affecting the surrounding community. To accomplish this, a portion of our time and your collected fees are donated back into the community to minister to those in need. Below you can learn more about the charitable organizations that we support.

New Hope Academy

New Hope Academy is dedicated to a unique educational experience, equipping children from all backgrounds to become a generation of leaders who will reflect our Creator and transform our culture. This vision is cultivated through the convergence of three commitments: the promise of excellent, classical education; the mission to the underprivileged; and the belief in connected, purposeful community. Visit New Hope Academy Website


Mercy Children's Clinic

Mercy Children’s Clinic was created out of the belief that local businesses, churches, and individuals, and not solely the government, should help shoulder the burden for providing care for children who could not conveniently access care because of their lack of insurance or TennCare (Medicaid) coverage. Now after nearly 10 years of caring for children from 30 counties in Tennessee and beyond, Mercy has seen more than 9500 children. Visit Mercy Children's Clinic Website

Global Health Relief

As CMDA's newest missions ministry, Global Health Relief is focused on bringing health and hope to people around the world in the midst of crisis.

GHR relief teams are led by a seasoned leadership team with a wealth of experience from around the world. When a crisis occurs, that leadership team identifies opportunities where GHR can make a difference in the lives and hearts of victims. A core team of leaders will be located at the site of the crisis on a long-term basis. That core team will be reinforced and strengthened by groups of short-term health and logistical volunteers who will serve for a week or longer.

Relief personnel have the privilege of being God’s hands and demonstrating His heart to those suffering and in desperate need. Team members do what Christ commanded us to do. Like the Good Samaritan, they refuse to “pass by on the other side.” They are not content to change stations when word of a new disaster hits the airwaves of their TV. They go, realizing that though it may cost them comfort and security, they are laying down their desires and their agendas to love and care for their “neighbors.” Just like, “Jesus went forth, and saw a great multitude, and was moved with compassion toward them, and he healed their sick” (Matthew 14:14, KJV), they go to the helpless and hopeless in His name.